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About Mendemic

Mendemic is an online sales platform for art products, crafts and clothes made in the island of Mallorca.

Our main goal is to acknowledge the work done by small- and mid-scale producers, to give them a tool to create awareness and make them grow.

At Mendemic we’ve invented a formula that embraces the main types of online business.

We are not a marketplace but we do announce the author of our products so that our client sees that behind that sculpture or that wearing garment there’s someone with a name and last name or a local brand.

We are not an usual dropshipping business because we know exactly where our products come from, even though like in that type of business we do not have stock in our premises and products are shipped from origin directly to our consumer.

We are a signature multi brand store with a social, local, fair and responsible function.

About the web

We’ve developed a website at a European level and, in the initial phase, it’s available in four languages: Spanish, Catalan, English and German. We can advance that we’re foreseeing adding French, Portuguese, Italian, Norwegian, Dutch, Finnish and Swedish as we expand the market to those language-speaking countries.

We do not ask for any information to get access to any part of our site unless it is specifically requested, like in case of shipping. The requested information can include personal name or company, address, email address and phone number. We anonymously trace traffic patterns through cookies to measure the site’s performance and make improvements. Cookies are small information files that are stored in the computer and read by your browser.

For more information click here:

You can recover the email address associated with your account or a lost password by selecting “Forgot password?” in the login page.


Use the search bar in the upper area to locate the product page. The “Product Information” area contains great resources. You can also access the assembly and/or maintenance instructions. In the product page you will find a dropdown menu with other colors and sizes if available. You may also find interesting the one-to-one interviews with the creators of the products that you’re seeing. And don’t forget to check out the bottom list of similar products or from the same collection that can be of help.

All or most of the production is artisanal, handmade by our artists, crafters and clothing designers.

You will be able to check the stock of the items in each product info sheet.

It is possible that some products, whose availability has been confirmed, may have been sold out during the preparation process of your order. In that case, we will contact you to offer you a solution. Keep in mind that the stock is updated daily.

The stock will vary depending on the complexity of the creation of each product and the author’s capacity of production. This can range between 5 and 10 units per product.

You cannot order products that are out of stock, but it is possible to put that item in a waitlist. Once the product is restocked, you will automatically receive an email notifying its availability.

Mendemic guarantees that the products that are on sale on our website offer the maximum quality. The customer assumes that all products are handmade so there may be slight variations in size and color between the product itself.

In case of product damage, Mendemic will proceed accordingly to its substitution or contract resolution, which will be at no cost for the customer.

Our warranty does not include returns of products with damages caused by negligence, hits, misuse or mishandling, nor for wear and tear. Warranty also excludes modified or altered products by the customer or a third party.

The Mendemic experience is something more than its products, it’s a concept of retail sale. For the concept to work, it’s necessary to have all aspects under control. That’s why the Mendemic products are only commercialized on its website.

If you reside in Mallorca and create some sort of artsy and/or artisanal product, do not hesitate to contact us at We will assess your profile and get in touch with you to give an answer to your request of joining the Mendemic group.

Online purchase

You can make your online purchase from any device and decide where and how you want to receive your order. To start an order select the products that you want and add them to the shopping cart.

Home delivery: we will ship your order to the address that you choose. If you select home delivery, we will ask you for the postcode of the delivery address.

Before completing the payment you will preview the entire order with the final prices of the chosen items or services and the date and time frame for delivery. Once payment is made you will instantly receive a confirmation via email.

To pick up your order, it is necessary to show the ID provided at the time of purchase.

On our website you can find different kinds of offers and promotions. In the online purchases we will apply all the discounts offered by Mendemic to our customers, for you to enjoy all the benefits of shopping with us.

If you have any issues when making the payment, it is possible that your card does not have the online payment option activated or has a spend limit. Check with your bank or your online banking platform.

Yes, and with the Mendemic gift card it’s a sure hit! You can get a gift card from our online shop. Choose the value and get it. The Mendemic gift card has no expiration date and, if desired, it can be used partially as needed.

To get it you will have to purchase it from our website by clicking here and you will receive it via email.

In case of loss please note that the gift cards are not made out to anyone specific, so it can not be replaced in case of loss. To check the remaining balance of your gift card log in to your Mendemic account or send an email to

The available amounts are as follows:

  • 35€
  • 50€
  • 75€
  • 100€
  • 130€

The total amount will be used to pay for the products and the subsequent shipping costs.3

In any case the amount paid for a gift card will be refunded, it has to be spent by the beneficiary on our website.

If the product purchased with the gift card arrives damaged or it is defective, they will have to take a picture of it and send it to to start a claim. In that case we will proceed to refund the original amount to be spent again on our website.



You can pay your order with:

  • Your credit or debit card (VISA or Mastercard).
  • Via your Paypal account.
  • You can use your gift card in your online purchase if you choose the delivery method as Parcel or Home Shipping, different from Fast shipping.

We do not offer those options at the moment.

We issue a simplified invoice for all purchases made on the Mendemic website as a receipt and with an ordinary invoice in .pdf format that you will receive via email once the purchase has been completed. Also, if you registered on our website you will find the simple invoice in the orders section of your user profile.

For legal reasons it is not possible to issue duplicates of receipts. If you have any questions, you can contact our Customer Service department at

We generate a simplified invoice with all online orders, so make sure to review your invoice details at the time of purchase. We will send you the simplified invoice valid for tax purposes together with your order after selecting the shipping method to your home address.

For more information check the frequently asked questions about invoices.

Orders, shipping and delivery:

Orders, shipments and deliveries

We work with Correos for shipping within Spain and SEUR for shipping to the rest of Europe. 

Click here to check costs to your shipping area. 

It is possible to cancel the order as well as the contracted services. Mendèmic will provide the customer with a link in the confirmation email that will allow them to cancel the order. The order can be cancelled within 1 hour after purchase and always within more than 24 hours before the delivery date. In this case, Mendèmic will proceed with the total refund of the purchase including the shipping costs. 

Once the cancellation period is over, you will have to wait until the product is delivered to proceed with the return following the instructions that you will find in the returns section. 

When filling out your personal information to place an order, you have the option to select an authorized person to pick up the order for you. In that case, at the time of pick-up, the authorized person will have to show an ID (original) and a copy of the order or confirmation number either printed or in digital format to identify the order and collect the goods. 

Keep in mind that only the person identified as an authorized person in the order confirmation will be able to collect the order. 

You can check the status of your order using our order tracking tool. 

Partial changes to orders are not permitted. To delete or add items to an order that has been processed and paid for you will have to cancel the entire order and make a new one. 

Mendèmic will provide the customer with a link in the confirmation email that will allow them to cancel the order. 

You can exercise your right of withdrawal within 15 days after the receipt of the goods purchased from Mendèmic. 

Before the withdrawal period ends, you will be able to cancel the full order by filling out the withdrawal request that you will receive via email and attaching it to the customer service contact form from Mendèmic. 

If you exercise your withdrawal right within the given period, Mendèmic will refund you the total of the order including the shipping costs and order fulfilment costs in the same payment method you selected during the purchase within three business days from the day we receive the withdrawal communication. If there are any additional service costs, we will refund you all these costs as well if those services have not been executed. 

In case you decide to return only part of the products received from an order (partial withdrawal), if it is within the allowed withdrawal period, Mendèmic will refund you the costs of the returned products. In this case, the refund will include the corresponding part of the value of the contracted services when the refund reflects a change in the next inferior range of the transportation costs. 

As of now, we only accept orders within Europe. 

If the shipping and delivery is arranged to an area with restricted access, please make sure to select a shipping time outside of the traffic restriction hours. 

Returns & Exchanges

In the order tracking email, you will find a link to the “Returns” page of our website. 

The refund of the amount of the products to be returned is free of cost. 

If the product arrives broken or in bad shape, you will have to notify it within 48 hours from receiving the goods. 

If the product arrives in good conditions but you want to return it, you have 15 days to do so. 

The payment method to refund the money paid will always be the same as the one used during purchase: credit card, debit card or PayPal. 

We will refund the amount that you paid for the products after checking that the returned products are in good condition. Please note that the shipping costs for the transportation services contracted during purchase are non-refundable. 

Yes, in the return form you can select the type of return of the product. You will have to return the damaged product. Once we receive it, we will proceed to ship the replacement. 

If you received a defective product or if it was damaged during shipping, Mendèmic will proceed to replace the item or void the contract, which will be at no cost for the customer. 

Returns are not accepted if the damages are caused by negligence, hits, misuse or mishandling, nor for wear and tear of the product. Warranty also excludes modified or altered products by the customer or a third party. 

For refunds made directly to the payment card, usually you will be able to see the refund immediately in your account, but it may take up to three days to show in your account. 

For returns made to gift cards or promotion cards the refund is instant. 

In case you request the return at home through our customer service, you will receive the amount on your card or bank account within a period of 3 working days from the delivery of the merchandise at our facilities. 

We put a lot of effort into ensuring that all our products arrive at their new home in perfect conditions. Therefore, we are very sorry if you have received a damaged product. 

If that is the case, you will have to send a photo of the product to and make a formal claim in the same email within 48 hours of receiving the product.

If the product arrives damaged or defective: 

First you will have to send a photo of the product to and make a formal claim in the same email within 48 hours of receiving the product. 

Once we confirm the damage of the product, you will have to fill out the return form that you will find in the order tracking email. In that form, you will have to answer some questions and you will be given instructions on where to return the product. 


For other return reasons: 

It is mandatory to fill out the return form that you will find in the order tracking email. In that form, you will have to answer some questions and you will be given instructions on where to return the product. 

The return will have to be made within the 15 days period.

You can request the withdrawal of your online purchase by sending an email to with the withdrawal request filled out. 

Products that have suffered any type of wear or tear are excluded from the right of withdrawal.