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Our values

Modern and clear

We benefit from the available technology to boost the modernisation of the world of arts and crafts. When it comes to the developers, working with us is extremely easy. We take into consideration all their needs, and we offer them all the necessary facilities with our available resources. 


The developers receive a fair price for their work. We want to help them grow, not to enrich ourselves at their expense. Their working conditions are ideal. Thus, everyone does what they do best, and we take care of the rest.

Nearby and local

We are an accessible platform, we are close. Everyone that works with us is seen as a person, not a machine, and therefore we treat them as they deserve. We keep a permanent contact with our developers, which constitutes us as a reliable and familiar engine. ​


We use sustainable and ecological packaging. Our materials are recycled and recyclable, considering that we minimise as much as possible our plastic usage. Moreover, thanks to our packaging outsourcing, we contribute to forest reforestation. ​


We are an inclusive, multicultural tool, that supports the rights of the underprivileged groups. Furthermore, we give visibility to non-normative bodies, so that everyone can identify with Mendèmic. ​


We believe in non-sexist broad-casting, and we contribute to achieve gender equality. We work hard to eradicate sexism in our language, so that we are able to express ourselves in a truly egalitarian way. ​