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Shipping Policy

We work with Correos for shipping within Spain and UPS for shipping to the rest of Europe. 

As of now, we only accept orders within Europe. 

If the shipping and delivery is arranged to an area with restricted access, please make sure to select a shipping time outside of the traffic restriction hours. 

Click here to check costs to your shipping area. 

It is possible to cancel the order as well as the contracted services. Mendèmic will provide the customer with a link in the confirmation email that will allow them to cancel the order. The order can be cancelled within 1 hour after purchase and always within more than 24 hours before the delivery date. In this case, Mendèmic will proceed with the total refund of the purchase including the shipping costs. 

Once the cancellation period is over, you will have to wait until the product is delivered to proceed with the return following the instructions that you will find in the returns section. 

When filling out your personal information to place an order, you have the option to select an authorized person to pick up the order for you. In that case, at the time of pick-up, the authorized person will have to show an ID (original) and a copy of the order or confirmation number either printed or in digital format to identify the order and collect the goods. 

Keep in mind that only the person identified as an authorized person in the order confirmation will be able to collect the order. 

Partial changes to orders are not permitted. To delete or add items to an order that has been processed and paid for you will have to cancel the entire order and make a new one. 

Mendèmic will provide the customer with a link in the confirmation email that will allow them to cancel the order. 

You can exercise your right of withdrawal within 15 days after the receipt of the goods purchased from Mendèmic. 

Before the withdrawal period ends, you will be able to cancel the full order by filling out the withdrawal request that you will receive via email and attaching it to the customer service contact form from Mendèmic. 

If you exercise your withdrawal right within the given period, Mendèmic will refund you the total of the order including the shipping costs and order fulfilment costs in the same payment method you selected during the purchase within three business days from the day we receive the withdrawal communication. If there are any additional service costs, we will refund you all these costs as well if those services have not been executed. 

In case you decide to return only part of the products received from an order (partial withdrawal), if it is within the allowed withdrawal period, Mendèmic will refund you the costs of the returned products. In this case, the refund will include the corresponding part of the value of the contracted services when the refund reflects a change in the next inferior range of the transportation costs.